Design Tips

General Tips

Before you proceed with printing take a mockup or sample of your mail piece to Address N’ Mail and make sure in meets all the postal regulations. Better safe than sorry. This can save time and money.

Plan adequate lead-time for your mailing. Take into consideration development, product, printing and mailing process times.

Do not staple folded mailers since it is difficult to process the mail piece through various postal machines. Instead have them tabbed by Address N’ Mail. In most cases, to meet postal regulations, the top edge of the folded mailer must be the open edge.

Address N’ Mail Permits

Please consult Address N’ Mail prior to using any of the below permits.

The permit above is used for general purpose mailings. A return address is not required.
The permit above does require a return address. Use of this permit has an advantage for wide area mailings.
The above permit can only be used on presorted first class mailings.
The above permit can only be used for non-presorted first class mailings. Some customers prefer to use this permit rather than affix first class stamps.
Even though the IRS considers you as a non-profit organization, you must be approved by the postal service to use the above permit. A return address is required.

Postal Requirements for Envelope Layout

Laser Letter Address Placement

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Address N’ Mail uses a sophisticated system that permits the processing of a wide array of customer needs. This includes ability to handle secure electronic data transfer from our customers, list cleansing, merge and purge, National Change of Address, mail merge, invoice production, and much more. In-house printing of cards, flyers, brochures, and booklets is available in black and white or high quality color.

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