Mail Services

We provide a wide range of services

  • Address mail pieces
  • Address verification
  • Automated folding & inserting multiple items into a letter size envelope
  • Barcode and Presort first Class Only letters
  • Bundling and bagging
  • CASS-Certified Bar-Coding
  • Computerized labels and statement printing
  • Cutting various types of paper stock
  • Delivery of mail to postal offices
  • Direct print barcodes onto First Class letters
  • Duplicate printed material
  • Folding, inserting, and sealing
  • Generate PAVE postal reports and CASS certification report
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of your mailing list
  • Label printing and affixing (1 or 4 up labels)
  • Laser addressing of the mail piece
  • List cleansing
  • List preparation
  • List procurement
  • Machine insertion
  • Mail merge letters
  • Manual inserting
  • Merge and purge mail lists – delete duplicates
  • Meter mail – Flat or oversize and of different weights
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Presorting – Presorted Standard, Presorted First Class letters and flats
  • Print addresses with barcodes
  • Stamp affixing
  • Tabbing self mailers
  • Target mailing for commercial, residential, and new residents
  • Traying
  • Zip+4 coding

Professional mailing and printing services by very experienced staff.

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Monitor your mailing as it travels through the USPS. Every time your mail is sorted by USPS machinery you get a comprehensive online report through IITY.

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About Us

Address N’ Mail uses a sophisticated system that permits the processing of a wide array of customer needs. This includes ability to handle secure electronic data transfer from our customers, list cleansing, merge and purge, National Change of Address, mail merge, invoice production, and much more. In-house printing of cards, flyers, brochures, and booklets is available in black and white or high quality color.

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