For Political Campaigns

Address N’ Mail has been helping elect candidates from Judges to city council members through direct mail campaigns since 1983.

Most candidates get a single shot at getting elected. Why would you trust you future to anything less than the professionals at Address N’ Mail? We offer professional and confidential processing of all your information. We can extract and mail any subgroup of voters or super voters based on your custom requirements. We can process data from the Supervisor of Elections and create a list that will help you get elected. A sample of the criteria we can use is: custom selected voter history, age, gender, precinct, party affiliation or lack thereof, early voters, multi-voter households, and only mail one per household if desired.

We have a well established track record of producing and delivering your mail on time and in a manner that expedites delivery to the recipients. Whether you wish to mail to absentees, early voters or some other special historically based criteria or mail to voters based any selection of your choice, you will not find a more qualified company than Address N’ Mail.

We can meet your full color graphic design and printing needs as well. Be it rack cards, brochures or a card mailer, we can design and print it in house. If you already have a design or have printed material, we can still give you the benefit of our professional services and help you get elected.

Please call Sharon at 321.729.6245 or email her at [email protected]. You will be glad you did.

About Us

Address N’ Mail uses a sophisticated system that permits the processing of a wide array of customer needs. This includes ability to handle secure electronic data transfer from our customers, list cleansing, merge and purge, National Change of Address, mail merge, invoice production, and much more. In-house printing of cards, flyers, brochures, and booklets is available in black and white or high quality color.

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